Midnight Poets Quest


Welcome to the Midnight Poets Quest on InkBlood!

Simply put it is a contest, a poetry contest to be precise.

All you have to do, is write a poem titled “The Dragonfly”.

The poem should be about a dragonfly, any dragonfly. It could even be an account of how you spent your childhood buzzing around the lilies in your mother’s garden.

Send in your entries with “Midnight Poets Quest” in the subject line, and your name to ~


The contest remains open till midnight, 10th of May 2013 i.e. the approaching Friday. After which a winner will be declared.

The winner’s poem will feature on ~


The winner will get a beautiful, large frame of “Poised”, an exquisite ink illustration of a dragonfly made by our artist friend Rochana Deb, as is displayed on the top, here.

Rush in with your verses!

We request you to kindly Participate & Share. Thank you!

For InkBlood

Siddharth Pathak

You can read my work at –

Rainbows in Black and White


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