Subject: Lascivious Love – Entry #1

Have you ever sat down, just completely empty of any responsibility towards the moment, cigarette dangling off your fingers, and realized that the circle is just a marvelous concept? The idea of infinity; so simply expressed, just a constant one degree change that somehow ends up right where you began, no matter which direction?

I learnt this queer little nugget of almost surrealist wisdom when I saw her. A painter; a painter, who had painted upon her own body, her finest canvas was her clavicle, the neck, the more pristine notebook to ever be imbibed with ink.

I was instantly enamored by this bohemian part poetry part mystery in a tangible feminine form that could be desired, soothed, kissed, made love to, leave an imprint on. And I wrote for her. And it was a writing that seemed to emerge not out of the cloak of darkness and veil of smoke.

No, that was a writing that simply shot out, one syllable at a time, like the sparks from the billowing unto a furnace. So that when you see those sparks, you are led to the trajectory, which ends in the orange hot burning center of the universe where heat and light and sound, and sense all combine into that one searing penetration that leaves you gasping for air.

For someone with such an obsession for darkness, it was quite frightening to experience such a devout sense of burning simply by someone’s countenance. Countenance amplified in its effect for the way that hair cascaded over the cheekbones. I wondered when she paints, the stray thread of the paint drops and travels down her fingers, into the creases of her palms; the rivulets, are they scattered or straight among the trenches of the vein on her wrists?

And then she read my words and we discovered that yes, while the enchantments seem like the Möbius strip, they are in fact, highways among the artists of the same heart. That infinitely, each madness, connects, fuels, competes and compels the other, to create, to craft, to concoct, towards the canvas and away from it.

Rajeev Roark | 5th June 2013


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