Subject: Lascivious Love – Entry #2

When the symphony was playing aside,

I remembered you, your name.

Freezing the moments of you and me, still in desire,

But you expelled me from that life of yours…

I know! I was born as woman to this world,

Is that giving any privilege to deceive? Flirt?

Once I dreamed a life of you and me,

The words from your mouth made me to wish so…

I still remember the time when you quietly kissed my moist lips,

By saying “I love you forever” in my ears.

Where is that love? Where is that kiss?

Weeping till the tears dry away…

Now I’m hopeless of life and of you,

All the trust you’ve given is in ashes.

You left me, killed my dreams,

A “whiff of the ladies” is what you are searching for.

Clean your crude heart with some pure blood,

May be you can come back to life.

There is a void you created in me,

But no more, I won’t swap you…

I loved you, and I loved you…

Ashish Vijay [@worstcreation]


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