InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #3

Monsoon Nostalgia

Waking to a sultry morning

I rose and spied the darkling sky

Mantled with scudding dusky clouds

That hid the blue and gold swiftly

As though concealing a treasure,

And all that had finally remained

Were the silent vaulted heavens

Of the palest opalescent tincture.

I heard the distant rumble of thunder

Thoughtlessly I sauntered outside

And saw a flash of white lightning

Dance among the sable clouds.

I felt the cold caresses on my soul

Countless kisses as cold as the moon

Moistening, soothing and quenching

The passion from the infernal depths

Of my torrid, restless, beating heart

I felt exultant as though, it was you

Who had showered untold kisses.

With sempiternal youth the rain fell

I pined for you with desolate ardor

As though an infinite vial of nostalgia

Had been emptied from deep within

The clandestine nebulous shrine

Of phantom mists and tender rain.

The deluge poured in slanted, gossamer sheets

And lightning traceried the pale firmament

Like two angels chasing each other

Spiraling in a dark delirious fantasy

I too chased myself with thoughts of you

Utterly intoxicated by this sudden ecstasy.

Cold, fresh and drenched I was

And yet I felt so intensely alive

The pale yellow-green trees

Were illumined by dim gray light

As though the torch of the world

Has softened as it lost its blaze.

I whirled around in the hazy drizzle

My mind swirled like the eddying dance

Of a stream, filled with thoughts of you

Your face so clear in my dizzy mind

Like an imprint on a tarnished glass.

Inhaling the fresh scent of rain and silt

In rhythmic breaths, I frisked and danced

Like the silent lap of the water-lily leaves

To the soft sibilance of the ancient music

Creating numberless intricate ripples

Like the noiseless dances of the dragonflies

As the puddles nearby cradled rainbows

And as I spun under the showers I descried

A malachite plant luxuriantly overgrown

Out of its pot, still growing craving more

Of the love that the rains had lavished on it

I blinked and saw my own reflection with you

I turned my face to the skies, open mouth

You weren’t anywhere, and yet everywhere

As you kissed my lips and soaked my tongue.

~ Kastoori Barua [@cookiekuki]


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