InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #8

The Dew Date

One glance across the window,
And I know you’re back.
The reds merged by the blues, the grey,
You’ve come here to brighten up my days.

Rain, my old muse, tell me you’re here to stay,
Tell me you’re tired resting.
Sing to me, lets dance away.

I’ve longed for you, caged within these four walls,
The anguish of the summer sun, burning, as if wrapped in a shawl.

My flesh longing for the monsoon mist,
A downpour, a drizzle, any of your precious gifts.
And now that you’re here, celebrations will be shared,
our little love story, this will be our secret affair.

Mornings, I will sing to you, for you, dance for me,
A cup of tea, my favourite book, and bring along the leaves.
I’ll read to you, the leaves can sway to the winds,
The birds will join us, can you hear them sing?

Afternoon, I shall make you hundred’s of paper boat’s,
And we’ll spend hours racing them with the tiny toads.
Tiny drops of happiness you shower me upon,
our day isn’t over, the celebrations have just begun.

At dusk, I’ll take you out for a walk,
You, me, I’ll dance till you don’t stop.
I’ll sing to you, for you have brought me so much joy,
I know I’m being selfish, but yet, don’t say good bye.

Stay a little longer, we still have the night,
Sing me to sleep, before they turn out the lights.
Promise me you’ll be back, I will wait for Monsoon,
I’ll make many more paper boat’s, come back to me soon.
~ Shobhita Singh Parmar [@Lil_Hippy_Me]


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