InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #11

Nature’s Fury
The clouds roll in and the sky turns black
the lightening flashes, the thunder cracks.
The ominous presence of nature takes hold
as the furies unleash and the storm unfolds.
The skies open up and the rains come down
the torrents unleash, they know no bounds.
The rolling thunders have a powerful voice,
to acknowledge this power is our only choice.
So sit back and witness nature’s violent song
’til it all subsides and decides to move on.
~ Lisa “Shady” Emery  [@ShadyLee_ ]


You can participate!

Dear Reader,

Presenting, InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain [Monsoon Writing Contest]

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Dip your quill in the ink that has fallen from the skies and write a Poem/ Short Story/ Narrative
inspired by the tender miracle of Rain.

Send it to us at – – with your Name & Twitter handle.

We will entertain original, freshly written entries only.

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“InkFlood” is the property of InkBlood – Writing from the vein… © 2013

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