InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #12


I burst out of the front doors
Gasping for air
As the rain washes over me
A torrent of relief
A cold surge, a giant sigh

It was hot in there
Heady desire choking me
As his hands were roaming my flesh

I was giving in
Every last crumb of will
Disintegrating to dust
Liquefying into his mould
Divorcing myself
From self

My former existence
Once simmering to boil
Now on the back burner
Cooling down to almost extinction
Watered down
~ Tepid ~

My attachments severed
By a swift slice of knife
My self…
My self, broken
Each piece chipped away
By my raging drive for lust

Wash me; rain!
Soak me to my bones!
Saturate me with your blissful innocence
Your pure rhythm
Rip away this indecency
That has made a fool of me
In the eyes of myself

~ Parvaneh Eshghi [@parv88]


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Dear Reader,

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