InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #15

First Rain: Clutch of Memories

Among the noises of printers and office hustles, all of a sudden I heard some tickle sound. Strucked from all sides with deadlines and pending works, I took a minute to push my face out of my laptop to take a glance through nearby window. And, to my surprise, it was RAINING! Oh my GOD! It is first rain of the season of love! Even my boss’s warning to complete a giant pile of work in next couple of hours couldn’t stop me from getting up from my workstation and going to very nearly roadside café, to enjoy this rain with a brimming hot cup of coffee!

With the first sip of coffee, I stepped into an another world! My mom running all the way to terrace shouting, ‘someone please help me to collect washed clothes on terrace, they will get drenched again!’ My younger brother dancing and jumping in his underwear enhancing the taste of this first rain! And I am being escorted down on this muddy street by my bestie, to check out the nature on the bike, in this heavy rain!

I was pushed out from my state of trance by a car crossing the café, splashing puddle water and horning aloud. The second I realized that I was not at home, but in this BIG CITY, was followed by few tears. No doubt I got a good job here, but sitting in verandah and fruitless discussions with my father on local municipality’s inability in making proper pre-rain arrangements, was just great. This coffee can never replace mom’s rain special tea and pakoda. The smell of costly perfume used in my office is nothing in front of mesmerizing smell of roasted peanuts by road wanderers. And my expensive phone could never capture the irresistible aroma of wet soil spread all over during rains!

It is not only the first rain of this season of romance but also my first rain in this new city! Yet it will never be as special as my first rain back at my home!!

~ Rashi Jain [@rj_star19]


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One thought on “InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #15

  1. Hello Rashi,

    The post written by you is so impressive snd touching. The most important thing about this post is it takes you to the home world for few seconds out of this busy office or work schedules and makes you emotional on this earth of practicle people.

    I realy appreciate your concrete imagination and implementation.



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