InkFlood ~ Writing from the rain… Entry #17

A Surprise in Monsoon

Anshi and Ravi were in a long distance relationship for 2.5 years. They could meet once in a blue moon, but their love was passionate, deep & true. The bonding they shared was strongly unique. They trusted each other blindly & knew that it was totally worth. They had had met for lunches, movies, visits to temples, CCD’s; never had they met in monsoon; it was a desire of Anshi to meet Ravi in monsoon & enjoy rains together.

Ravi remembered her wish for next 6 months & to surprise her, on one rainy day, he decides to travel for 8 hours and surprise her. He boarded in a bus from Vadodara at night for Udaipur & continued to keep in touch with her via texts, Whatsapp etc while travelling. He didn’t let her know that he was on the way to see her, he texts, “I’m missing you so much baby, these rains remind me of you, and I miss you much. I wish I could meet you.”

She replies, “I miss you too darling, I’ll plan something to meet you on next weekend. What say?”

He says, “Cool J”

They sleep after bidding good night to each other via texts. She didn’t know a big surprise is awaited her the very next morning. She woke up at 7 am & got ready for office. He reached her city and googled the address of her office & managed to reach there before her time i.e. 9 am. He waited for her outside the office premises. As he saw her coming on her Activa, he went in parking lot & stood in front of her Activa with his arms open. She applied brake in shock & screamed at the top of her voice, “OMG! What you doing here! OMG I can’t believe this.. Gosh! Ravi, how can you do this!?”

She hastily got off her active & gave him a bear hug with a wide grin on her face. “I’m astonished to see you here at this time, this is the best surprise you ever gave me Ravi,” she utters out of sheer joy. “You didn’t let me know that you are coming, how could you be so loving, you liar, she teases & laughs”

He feels happy & contented to see grinning, he says, “Anything for you my love & laughs with her.”

“I love to surprise you my baby doll & you wanted to meet me in monsoon, so here comes your wish true!, ” he smiles.

She says, “you remembered that wish, oh my God, you are impossible Ravi,” she holds her hand.

“Lets go somewhere,” says he. “But it isn’t raining Ravi & what about office, I’ve not informed that I’ll take a leave.” He replies, “you make a lot of fuss baby, he goes on her active & says, come sit, give them a call, first lets run away from your office premises.”

She says worriedly, “oh yeah, you’re right. She sits behind him.” He rides and she holds him tight from behind.

They enjoy riding in cool breeze and black clouds reign in skies. It rains & they still ride, get drenched, play in puddles, eat together, revel in all the small joys of togetherness.

After 3 hours, completely drenched, she starts sneezing & he says, “lets hire a room, you have got cold,” he says worried.

She says, “no, I’m okay honey, don’t worry.”

“Let us share some warmth? Eh?” he teases.

She smiles romantically, “okay”

They go in a nearby hotel & book a room. They strip their wet clothes, she in washroom & he in bedroom. She comes out draped in a white towel. He looks at her & clasps her in his arms. He smooches her and gently holds her in his arms and make her lie on bed comfortably. He sits beside her and stares her.

She says, “you were willing to share warmth, right?”

He says, “yes of course.”

He cuddles her and does nothing else for next one hour. Just silently cuddles.

She asks naughtily, “I thought you were willing for coitus.”

“Yes, I was, I still am, but its not the right time my baby,” he caresses her head, “I guess a cuddle will also give you warmth.”

And she says, lying in her arms “I can’t believe this, this monsoon, my trust for you has strengthened.”


~ Varsha Kalyani [@Varsha_Jugni]


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