InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 2, Entry #2

My thoughts, about some of them…


Like the silence of the night, his love murmured in her ears assuring her of his presence, in the darkest of all lonely nights.


Add some love to make it sweeter;
to the otherwise insipid marmalade of my life.

Arouse/ Pure

His touch at the curve of her waist,
Aroused a gush of pure love in her veins.


Her cerulean eyes twinkled,
Upon meeting his gray stare.


She was submerged in desires;
Under his touch,
Her ecstasy soared to the highest levels.


And she collapsed, surrendering herself;
In the warmth of his arms.


~ Harleen Vij [@VeiledDesires_]

Wish to participate? Take a look at the writing exercise here ~

– InkBlood Creative Writing Workshops Coming Up! In Pune City.~


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