InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 2, Entry #5

Tryst with death

With fear and anger, I stood on the cliff,
a jump, a splash; I breathed, mid-air,
thoughts ran vivid- touching every breath,
of silence and death- loneliness,

I opened my eyes, the world was slow,
they stared at me, mop and mow,

I waited to submerge- touched the water,
I already imagined a tryst with death,
it was cold and icy around, it seemed,
I would meet eternal silence sometime later,

The journey prolonged, heart-beats were mild,
No excitement remained, just weightlessness,

How will it be to not be able to breathe?
so much pain- will I die or survive?
Why am I dying, I thought out loud?
Am I dreaming again? Lord, help me revive!

With a zing and a startle, I looked around,
It was the same old pen, paper and no sound!

~ Neha Mishra [@OhTeri_]

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