InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 2, Entry #8

Mother nature at play

Waking up to his touch,
My marmalade like,
glowing face

Sun rays envious,
Cerulean sky asks,
For some orange-crimson shades

I fly like a butterfly,
Painted so colorful,
As dipped in nature

Teleporting brightness,
To this world,
Arousing pure vapours

Wandering like a gypsy,
Spreading beauty,

I collapse,
But my heart murmurs,
Someone’s calling

I get up rapidly,
My electric nerves,
Empower me

Twilight gets my shine,
World needs a fairer moon ,
They require light

I fall in his arms,
Submerge once again,
And feel blessed

~ Varsha Kalyani [@Varsha_Jugni]

Wish to participate? Take a look at the writing exercise here ~

– InkBlood Creative Writing Workshops Coming Up! In Pune City.~

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