InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 2, Entry #11


It’s the way she looks at you; her eyes speak straight to your soul.

Or it’s the way she caresses your hair.

It’s the way her eyes find you in the crowd.

Or is it the way she shields you from the malicious world.

It’s the way her voice calms your nerves, makes you feel so secure

reminiscent of her heartbeats, so inure, so familiar.

Is it the way she knows exactly how your thoughts concoct.

Or is it her touch, so warm so genial.

It’s the way she knows you a little more, with every heartbeat.

Is it the way she feels agony of your miseries.

Or is it the aching love you feel, when you leave her side

It’s the way she loves.  Pure and very lucid.

~  Nidhi Gulhane [@ni_dhi_]

Wish to participate? Take a look at the writing exercise here ~

– InkBlood Creative Writing Workshops Coming Up! In Pune City.~


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