InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 4

Hello Ink Lovers,

Life begins at conception, or so we’ve heard, and we do not disagree entirely. However, every Idea or a Solution is, in reality the child of Question, and if an Answer is born alone, it eventually grows up into a Question too. This may be more true for us writers, than it is for others; after all we do question everything, don’t we?

It is the Question that drives us, it is the Question that compels us, it is the Question that unites us, to create. The question is our purpose.

That brings us to today’s Writing Exercise

Here is a set of questions:

1. How is it, when I wake up with you, there’s always a sunrise in my backyard?

2. Will I taste your soul, if I take your finger in my mouth?

3. How did they kill each other when there were no bullets left?

4. Who is the shadow chasing me in my dream?

5. Will we find ourselves, in the pages of these books?

Choose any one question, and write down the answer to it – in a diary entry, short essay, poem, narrative or anecdote.

It is that simple really.

Use the best of your writing abilities for this one, and pour yourself out, really let yourself go with the writing, and give it beauty, depth and expression.

KINDLY REMEMBER to title your work with the question you have chosen, and please add your name at the end.

Send your entries to and we will post them up here!

Participate and share. Thank you for all the support!

One thought on “InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 4

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