InkBlood Writers Weekend ~ Round 4, Entry #1

How is it, when I wake up with you, there’s always a sunrise in my backyard?

I crawled to you last night, broken and lost,
Tearful eyes, my soul bladed, criss crossed.
No place else to hide, distorted thoughts,
No want to be, the life in me dwarfed.

I stumbled, I struggled, I fell into your arms,
My life in your hands, my tears in your palms.
You brushed off my hair, across my face,
I died in your arms, woken up by your embrace.

Middle of the night, I had no track of time.
I woke up to your voice, calming, sublime.
Your nervous hands, scared, shivering this time,
You lifted me up, smiled and said its dinnertime.

You fed me love, you fed me your care,
You kissed my lips, caressed my body bare.
You fed me hope, drowned in my despair,
You looked right through me, your fingers through my hair.

Tears and tears are all I spoke,
Love and helplessness is all he heard.
My feet in his arms, soiled, I soaked,
His breath on my neck, my voice it choked.

He put on all the lights, lifted me off my feet,
Dance with me to life, he said, let our hearts dance together to a beat.
Let’s be one body, make love on the sheets,
Let’s love each other, let our souls meet.

Let me breathe you in, and life back into you,
Let me devour your flesh, don’t fight back, don’t argue.
Let your hair overshadow my every sense of being,
Cling on to me, hold me tight, as if joined by a string.

Let me love you, for tonight, say that you’re only mine,
And when you wake up in my arms, I promise we will be fine.
I promise you a morning, a sun that shines,
I promise when you wake up, I’ll show you divine.
I promise each time I wake up with you,
There will always be a sunrise in my backyard.
I promise each time you fall asleep in my arms,
There will always be a sky light up with stars.

~ Shobhita Singh Parmar [@Lil_Hippy_Me]


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