InkBlood Coagulation 2014 ~ Calling all Poets!


InkBlood Coagulation 2014 is a month long celebration of Poetry and Art, which will feature a one of a kind Poetry Contest!

For the next thirty (30) days we will be indulging in Klecksography and Poetry together, learning to appreciate the beautiful relationship shared between these two exquisite forms of art.

Visit Coagulation Klecksography 2014 –  –  look through the collection of Klecksographs and find the one that inspires you.

Write a poem about it and send it to us with the image of your chosen Klecksograph at –

We will upload it to –

– and share it with our entire community of readers and the world at large!

Poets can contribute their own Klecksographs too, by sending them to – – and we will feature them on the album
“Coagulation Klecksography 2014” to inspire other poets!

To know how to make your own Klecksograph take a look here~

Please send in well scanned Klecksographs.

Terms & Conditions for Poetry Submission:-

– More than one entry Poem will not be entertained
– Entries with language errors will not be entertained – Enjoy the benefits of Proof Reading
– Make sure your Poem has a suitable title
– Contest Commences on – 16th January 2014
– Contest Closes on – 16th February 2014
– Entries sent in later than contest closing date will not be entertained
– Please be kind enough to mention your full name, twitter handle/ link to any other public  profile, as anonymous entries will not be entertained
SUPPORT ORIGINALITY; thorough plagiarism detection and image theft checks will be  carried out for each submitted Poem and Klecksograph respectively – Those found to be in  violation of these terms will be barred from all InkBlood endeavours in the future
– Send your entries only to – – entries sent to any other mail address    will not be entertained
– InkBlood Coagulation is open to everybody!
– Declaration of the winners will be based solely on the discretion of the InkBlood team
– Rules of the contest are subject to change as per the discretion of the InkBlood team

– Winners will be declared on the 20th of February 2014

To know more about InkBlood Coagulation 2014, look here ~


Thank you

For InkBlood

Siddharth Pathak
Creative Founder/Owner/Mentor

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