InkBlood at Geekfest Pune 2014

Hi Folks,

We were recently at Geekfest Pune 2014.

It was simple really. All we wanted to do was to touch the minds of young people while using Art as a push to Poetry.

We think the interaction was true to its meaning and brought about a lot of great Klecksography.

The following links will take you to our Facebook albums for the same. You must look, we insist.

Inked Art & Poetry Workshop



Geekfest Pune


Here are two POEMS we received with the inspiring Klecksographs – 

Klecksograph_60_Manek Kohli_The Gate Guardians


The Gate Guardians

A hallowed ground, they silently stare.

Sight affixed, emotionless, they protect the lair.

Wisps of smoke, formless knight,

Brothers through sound, brothers in sight…


And the angels that sit on their vaporous shoulder,

Brandishing their swords, the might of a boulder

Their blowing hair and breast- kissing gowns,

To infinite horizons; the paths they have found…


And the tentacled vermin that sits at their toes,

To bend off the darkened aura of foes,

With crossbows that always have their mirrored self,

Oh love they foes, rather than friends?


Oh what do they guard, with unending conviction?

Is it a choice, or a darned imposition?

Perhaps, after all, beyond these gates we shall find,

The incomprehensible meaning of life…

~ Manek Kohli


Klecksograph_43_Aditi Kumar_Tree of Life



Tree of Life


From a single trunk,

Rises a great being,

Spreading flesh branches of blood ties;

Watching, observing, seeing


Indigo blends in Scarlet,

Dark deeds in red halo,

One man, many faces;

Many faces, one man


He is the God, the guardian –

The magic, the sorcerer,

The puppeteer, the gear;

He is awe, terror, fear


The world knows naught,

For the truth is hidden,

Faces speak out of shadows;

Unknowing, without a choice,

It does what it is bidden…


~ Aditi Kumar


That is all we have, to share with you for now. There is more in the making.

A big thank you to the “Unorganizers” at Geekfest Pune 2014!

We will be announcing workshops soon. Watch this space.


Thank you! 

InkBlood ~ Writing from the vein


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