InkBlood – Class 1 – ISC, Pune

InkBlood took one of its many first steps towards the realization of its goals in the month of August, 2013. We conducted an exhaustive three day creative writing workshop with the students of Indira School of Communications (ISC), Pune – covering Prose & Poetry – detailing, studying and exploring areas such as plotting, concept creation, crafting a character, character detailing, understanding & selecting a genre, story development, essential elements of poetry, rhythm of poetry, meters, different styles of poetry, poetic imagery and experimentation with what is known as a “Poetic License” and the greater philosophy of writing.

The students came from various backgrounds such as Radio, Film & Television and Journalism, and they had varied interests ranging from change-making through writing to script writing to politics. Some of the students were not conversant with English and hence participated with all their heart, exploring our subjects in their preferred regional languages, thus enriching the learning experience for everyone.

The students will be submitting full length assignments, which will be posted here. Please be kind enough to stay around, have a look when they come up, and critique.

Thank you everyone for all the support.


For InkBlood

Siddharth Pathak


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