Midnight Poets Quest ~ Special Selections Entry 3

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बचपन के सुने आंगन की चारदीवारी में
दो कौतुहल आँखों से उम्मीद को उतरते देखा,
पारदर्शी पंखो से सजे, किसी परीलोक के दूत सा
कुछ रंगीन किरणों की चमक आँखों में बसा
एक अल्हड़ बेल की छोर पे जा बैठा ड्रैगनफ्लाई
किलकारी की छ्टा सी बिखर गयी बादलों में
इन्द्रधनुष के तार भी छेड़ गया खयाली, फिर …
भाग छू लेना चाहा था मैंने, मेरे बचपन को …

By Mr. Amit Sinha



Midnight Poets Quest ~ Special Selections

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The Dragonfly

There is no beauty
In your mesh-like wings
Or the hollowed body
That writhes at the mercy
Of whims of the air.

Your irritating noise!
It buzzes like a conundrum,
It is a noise, that does not stand apart from the noise of the world…

I have seen many like you,
They stand in groups,
Around the houses of rich,
Or are standing in posh porches,
Sneering at the life…

They are constantly pursued,
By demons of their worries,
Or are drunk and scattered,
In corners of a roadhouse…

People like you are violent successes,
That plunge into the abyss,
Faster than they rise,
Or they are those perfect failures,
Garbed in cloaks of their incomplete, desperate, annoying excuses;
For “perfection”…

What is so unique,
About you?
Only that you can wish to sit and settle,
Fly away remorseless,
Upon a whim,
As soon as you are satiated,
Become insatiable…

I see you every morning,
In the hollows,
Around my vacant eyes…

What is the difference between you and me?
We both are noisy nothings,
Of a world noisier than us;
We both are choked,
With need for stability…

What is the difference?

You are what I am;

By Mohita Raghav