How to make a Klecksograph ~ Calling all Artists!

Welcome to the realm of Apophenia.

Steps to make your own Klecksograph:-

With a dropper or a piece of cotton, gently now, drop drops of ink on to a piece of paper and fold it in half before it becomes dry. When this page is unfolded, you will find a mirror reflection in the halves.

Here’s how:-


Let the ink smear, let the ink dry, and look deep into it unflinchingly. What do you see?

The inkblots will resemble something from your life because of Apophenia; the human tendency to see patterns in nature, where there may be none.

Klecksography is the art of making images by this method, from inkblots.

Make your own Klecksographs and send them to us at – – and we will upload them to the album titled Coagulation Klecksography 2014!

Take a look here –  

In the words of Peter Brugger, Apophenia is –

“The unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness.”

Coagulation is also a Poetry Contest!

To know how to submit a Poem, look here ~

Knowledge is power!

The creator of Klecksography was 
Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner [18 September 1786 – 21 February 1862] – a German poet and medical writer, who included Klecksographs in his books of poetry.


He invented this technique when he started accidentally dropping blots of ink onto paper due to failing eyesight. Instead of throwing them away, he found that intriguing shapes appeared when he unfolded the papers. He elaborated these shapes into intricate cartoons and used them to illustrate his poems. Kerner began a collection of Klecksographs and poetry in 1857 titled Klesksographien. His collection was not published until 1890 because of his death in 1862.

Since then, psychologists have used Klecksography extensively, as a tool for studying the human subconscious, most notably Hermann Rorschach in his famous inkblot test.

Terms & Conditions for Klecksography submission:-

– Digital Klecksographs will not be entertained
– Please be kind enough to mention your full name, twitter handle/ link to any other public    profile, as anonymous entries will not be entertained
– Send your entries only to – – entries sent to any other mail address  will not be entertained
– SUPPORT ORIGINALITY; thorough image theft checks will be carried out for each submitted Klecksograph – Those found to be in violation will be barred from all InkBlood endeavours in the future
– Please send in well scanned Klecksographs

To know more about InkBlood Coagulation 2014, look here ~

Thank you

For InkBlood

Siddharth Pathak
Creative Founder/Owner/Mentor




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